Other Programs

Heater & Fan Drives

When the weather becomes really hot or cold, we want to make sure our seniors stay comfortable in their homes. In the summer, we do a box fan drive; in the winter, we do a heater drive. Since we need to provide our seniors with certain types of fans and heaters, the easiest way to help is by making a monetary donation. If you are interested in donating to these drives, please click the Donate button below.

Groceries to Go

Groceries-to-go is a partnership between Caritas of Waco food pantry and Meals on Wheels Waco. The goal of the program is to provide an extra bag of groceries to homebound seniors who receive Meals on Wheels and need additional food assistance. Volunteers for Meals on Wheels deliver grocery bags prepared by Caritas to homebound seniors once a month.


We don’t want to see any seniors go hungry. That’s why we work hard to get people off our waitlist. Can you help us make sure everyone gets food?