We Need You

The Challenge

There are seniors in McLennan, Falls, and Hill counties who don't have the physical ability to sustain themselves at their home with nourishing food. One senior we visited has oxygen tubes and a walker to slowly move around. Imagine trying to shop and cook with these conditions.

The Solution

Meals on Wheels Waco's mission is to help seniors stay in their homes by bringing them one nutritious meal five days a week. This is way cheaper than a nursing home or a hospital stay and allows them to continue living in the comfort and privacy of their home. But, it's not just the food we bring, it's also the relational connection and the ability to make sure they are still able to physically get around.

We can't do this alone

Cooking 850+ meals and delivering them to seniors spread across 1,000+ square miles is a huge task that can only be accomplished with a team of people on a mission to help others. This is not for the faint of heart. From early mornings in the kitchen to delivering hot meals, our team of dedicated staff and volunteers make Meals on Wheels Waco move.

Would you Help Us?

We need volunteers who can help with meal delivery as well as donors who can provide financial help to be able to keep feeding more seniors.


We don't want to see any senior go hungry.
Would you help us make sure everyone gets food?