Volunteer Appreciation Month: Meet the Mach Family

April is volunteer appreciation month, so at Meals on Wheels Waco, we’ve been spotlighting some of our incredible volunteers who make the day to day operation of feeding seniors in our community possible.

Meet the Mach Family! Lillian Mach started her volunteering experience with Meals on Wheels back in the 70s delivering meals when her son was just 4-5 years old. After 10 years of service back then, they took a step away to focus on family and raising children.

About 12 years ago, Lillian and her children began volunteering for Meals on Wheels Waco again, this time as site coordinators! Many don’t realize the organization that goes into meal delivery. Site coordinators play a huge role in making sure delivery drivers receive their correct routes, the perfect amount of food, the right meal options, as well as keeping that food hot along the way.

The Mach Family shared with us that the most rewarding part of volunteering is knowing that in some cases, these meals and the people who deliver them are the highlight of these seniors’ day. For that reason, they’ve been doing their part to keep seniors fed for around 22 years total. We’re so thankful for the Mach family and all of our other volunteers who devote their time to serving seniors in our community.