Senior Centers/Congregate Programs


Dewey Recreation Center

925 N 9th St
Meets every Tues & Thurs, 10-noon
Tel: 254-750-8677

Harrison Senior Center

1718 N 42nd St
Meets MWF, 8-1 pm
Tel: 254-715-7689

Robinson Senior Center

300 Strauss
Meets MWF, 10-noon
Tel: 254-235-9559

Sul Ross Senior Center

1414 Jefferson St
Meets MWF, 8-1 pm
Tel: 254-855-4475

North Crest Apartments

4200 N 19th St
For residents only
Tel: 254-757-2242

Forever Young Senior Center

101 Sharron Drive
Meets every Mon & Thurs, 9:30am-12:30pm
Tel: 254-855-2590

Rural McLennan County

McGregor Senior Center

416 2nd St
Meets Tues & Thurs, 10-noon
Tel: 254-315-4512

West Senior Center

200 E Tokio Rd
Meets Mon-Fri, 9-1 pm
Tel: 254-722-3240

Falls County

Rosebud Senior Center

336 Main St
Meets Mon-Fri, 9-noon
Tel: 254-721-4457

Marlin Senior Center

104 Hays St
Meets every Thurs, 9:30- 12:30 pm
Tel: 254-883-5900

Hill County

Hillsboro Senior Center

Church on the Hill
2000 Old Brandon Road
Meets Mon-Fri, 9-noon
Tel: 254-205-8395

Hubbard Senior Center

FUMC Haralson Center
208 NW 2nd St
Meets MWF, 10-noon
Tel: 254-580-3510


Lake Whitney Senior Center

KMUMC Family Center
539 N Colorado St
Meets every Tues, 9-1 pm
Tel: 432-528-4644

Whitney Silver Circle

FBC Whitney
209 N. San Marcus St.
Meets every Thurs, 9-1 pm
Tel: 214-926-5562

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